Clatterbridge Rehabilitation Centre - rehabilitation equipment

WUTH Charity has provided the Wirral Stroke Service with a range of smaller items, such as:

  • a music system to support music therapy;
  • jigsaw puzzles to support hand-eye co-ordination and sequencing tasks; and
  • therapy putty, which helps to improve grip strength and dexterity through ‘resistive’ exercises.

Mark Dillon (Ward Manager) said:

“We have such a wide range of patients of different ages, with different interests and needs. We are always trying to find a variety of activities that support rehabilitation in an interesting and engaging way. The support from the Charity to purchase this latest equipment helps us to do that.

“The simplest things - such as enabling patients to play their own choice of music in their gym sessions - really help with motivation and relaxation. Lots of the activities that are supported by WUTH Charity purchases are things that patients can continue to do at home. So our outpatients know they are practising activities that can help them to improve independently.”