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How donations help

The Charity has purchased many items for the benefit of patients and visitors of Wirral University Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in recent years. Some key stories, with a positive impact on healthcare and the patient experience, are described below.


Small things that mean a lot

These stories have outlined some key impacts made by charitable expenditure suggested by our clinical teams. On many occasions, such as the rehabilitation equipment described above, significant patient benefit is achieved with very modest spend, using care and imagination in selecting projects that are suitable for grants from the Charity. For example, during the very hot summer of 2018 the charity acted swiftly to fund a next day purchase of electric fans for patients on the Trust's wards. Costing much less than many equipment projects, the fans brought instant, welcome relief to patients across the Trust's sites on some of the year's hottest days.

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Two new echocardiogram machines for Cardiology

WUTH Charity Heart Care funds new echocardiogram machines

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Emergency Department trolley systems

The Trust’s Emergency Department (ED) provides care for patients from the Wirral and the surrounding area.  Each year, it cares for over 90,000 patients and is one of the Trust’s busiest departments.

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