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Play our £25,000 lottery


Donate small, win big

Join the WUTH Charity community and help to make a difference to patient care in Wirral hospitals!

A chance to win costs just £1, with at least 50p going directly to WUTH Charity.  The remaining 50p is used to cover lottery administration and provide prizes.  Even better, if you win the jackpot of £25,000, we will receive an extra £2,500.

How it works

WUTH Charity lottery is managed through Unity, a leading fundraising lottery.  Each chance to win costs just £1 and the draw takes place every Saturday.

When you join, you will be allocated your own 6-digit number (you can purchase more than one if you wish).  A random winning number is drawn each week.  To win, your own number must match 3, 4, 5 or all 6 digits of the winning number in the correct sequence.

All lucky winners will automatically receive their prize cheque by post, so you can't miss out.

Play our lottery here.

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Two new echocardiogram machines for Cardiology

WUTH Charity Heart Care funds new echocardiogram machines

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Emergency Department trolley systems

The Trust’s Emergency Department (ED) provides care for patients from the Wirral and the surrounding area.  Each year, it cares for over 90,000 patients and is one of the Trust’s busiest departments.

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