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Small change for Big change

Small Change for Big Change is our latest campaign we are asking our supporters to get involved with. It is a safe way for individuals and companies to support us. 

There are lots of ways you can help, below are just some idea's to help you get started

I Quit!

Save what you would spend on a chocolate bar or treats. 

Walk Away!

Can you get to your destination without driving or taking public transport? 

Home Brew!

Can you swap buying your morning coffee for a travel mug and homemade and donate what you would normal spend?


Swear Jar a fine for every bad word? 

Treasure Hunt!

Check down the back of your couch / trouser pockets /handbag/ car drinks holders, and see what you can you find lying around

Download one of our application forms here and receive your FREE home money box. 

Already have some small change for us?

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Two new echocardiogram machines for Cardiology

WUTH Charity Heart Care funds new echocardiogram machines

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Emergency Department trolley systems

The Trust’s Emergency Department (ED) provides care for patients from the Wirral and the surrounding area.  Each year, it cares for over 90,000 patients and is one of the Trust’s busiest departments.

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Corporate Giving



Legacy Giving



In Memory Giving