‘Motorvate for the 8’

In September 2019 a team of 4 WUTH Radiographers will be completing the Motoscape Rally.  What does this involve?

Leaving Arrowe Park Hospital on Friday 6th September, they will drive across 8 countries in 5 days: UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Italy.  They’ll cross the finish line in Venice on Wednesday 11th September and they are doing this all in support of WUTH Charity.  

They have an ambitious target to raise £15,000 in 2019 leading up to the final event in September, for the Charity’s 8 funds.

Emma Glaysher, one of the team, said 

“We have already had some great support from our colleagues in our department before Christmas but we need your help!  So let’s #motorvateforthe8!

For all enquiries about how to support Cara, Jenny, Grace and Emma, please contact the Charity Office - wuth.charity@nhs.net or visit